Welcome To My Circus!

So, you’ve stumbled onto my blog.

 And now you need to know who in the world this girl is and what the heck is she doing writing a blog? Well okay, that’s fair. Let me tell you about me…

My name is Ashley. I’m 25 years old and I currently work in Accounts Payable at the corporate office of a national home health/hospice provider. Thanks to the love I have for my job, I am going back to school in Fall 2016 to get my accounting degree. I’m from south Louisiana. I’d tell you the town but let’s face it: it’s not New Orleans so you have no idea where it is. As everyone knows, southern women are a lot to handle and I’m no different. I am unapologetically myself with strong opinions and a big mouth. It can get me into trouble sometimes but mostly, it’s highly entertaining!

I’ve been married to my husband Matthew for almost 2 years but we have been together about 5. Speaking of the number 5, that was how old we were when we met playing Tee Ball on the same team in the local rec league. We were each other’s first crush. Everyone say it with me now: Awwww

Long story short, we lost touch when he moved away in the 3rd grade. We met up again briefly around 16 when he was DJ’ing at a local teen club that I went to.  He had a girlfriend and I didn’t have time to mess with all that. Finally, while he was deployed in Afghanistan, someone with my same (very unique) last name added him on Facebook… which he says made him wonder what ever happened to “that girl” so he put my name in the search engine and sent a message. As soon as he was state side, we started dating and the rest is history.

Just kidding, there’s tons of juicy details about it but I said I’d give you the short version. 

Now, I left the cutest part of my life for last because one should always end on a high note: On January 15, 2016, we were blessed with our beautiful baby girl. Chloe Rae is currently 3 days shy of two months old and she has my entire heart. She is truly our miracle. You see, there was a few months where we weren’t even sure if I was able to have children. We did a lot of testing and then finally: fertility treatments. Then came our little angel. She’s actually the reason for this blog, but we will get into that later. She’s also the reason it has taken me three hours to write this entry. In the time I’ve written this, I’ve changed two diapers and gotten spit up on twice. Being a mommy has definitely taken some getting used to, but it’s the best adventure I could have ever asked for… most of the time. I never imagined this is where I would be at 25 or that one little girl could change so much, but here I am and so she did. 

Okay Ashley, get to the point! Why are you writing a blog?

So by now you’re reading this (if you’ve even made it this far) and you’re probably thinking something along the lines of this: “So you’re just a typical 20-something married woman with a baby…” Yeah, sort of. And most of the posts will be about experiences being a first time mom or trials of marriage. They’ll also be about the adversity I’ve faced so far and will continue to face by being a working mom who plans on going back to school to further her career. The posts may even be how mad the gas station made me when they were out of Coke Icee.  

This blog is for me to express my opinions, share my experiences, rant about stupid stuff that my husband hates hearing about, gush about my child or husband…or vent about my child or husband. Even if no one is listening. Ultimately, this blog is for me. If by some amazing chain of events, a few people find it and are comforted by my words, feel less alone by sharing my experiences, or just get a good laugh then how awesome is that?